Paid Search

Connect your ads with searchers actively seeking what you provide

"The foundation of all digital marketing campaigns"

For most websites looking to gain maximum exposure in such a short period of time, PPC is hailed as a cornerstone activity for online marketers where paid search has not only swiftly become one of the key channel for marketers to further improve their reach in the search market, it gives smaller businesses the chance to compete with the big boys on a level playing field at a cost they can afford.

However, succeeding in the increasingly competitive world of paid search marketing takes more than writing witty advertisements. This is where Paradigm Creations pride themselves on their dedicated PPC expertise and ensuring each and every client gains the maximum ROI within a set period of time. Incorporating years of online marketing knowledge together with an advanced campaign management strategy, Paradigm Creations work hard to understand the psychology of potential buyers and make sure every advertisement is being seen by the right people.

The beauty of Paradigm Creations’ PPC management is to track the response of specific keywords and phrases and maximise those. Our aim is to achieve the maximum ROI for our clients which will eventually help them succeed in the long term.


What's Involved in Paradigm's Bespoke PPC Campaigns?

From aggressive growth to synergistic management with SEO, every client has different, but specific, objectives which are all part of their business plan. Whilst some may have recently launched and exploring new markets whereas others face the challenge of growing demand in the search market and fighting for that high position and maximum ROI, feel reassured that Paradigm Creations have the knowledge and proficiency to help you succeed.

We like to treat every client individually and undertake the following processes to ensure we do our best for you and your website:

Content Development

  • We create highly targeted messages that not only speak to your target audiences, but reinforce your brand ensuring a high response rate

Keyword Analysis

  • We research and help you find the keywords that your customers are using to find your products and services online. We also suggest ideas for phrases still not discovered by your competitors

Professionally Managed Bids

  • We work with you from day one to establish a goals-orientated bidding strategy, helping to ensure that your campaign meets and exceeds your ROI expectations

Reporting & Analysis

  • We provide thorough analysis and detailed reports during each phase of your campaign and, if needed, make recommendations for improvement



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Search Engine Optimisation

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Web Design

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